Easter Intercessions 2021

Risen Lord, we give thanks that we can gather to celebrate your risen life. We’d prefer to sing, to have wine as well as bread, hot cross buns and tea after the service, to hug friends, shake hands and not to wear masks. but we’re here, gathered in your name, and for that, we give…Continue reading Easter Intercessions 2021

Easter Reflection

For many, smaller churches, there will be no music to speak of today – maybe a CD to listen to, but no rousing Easter hymns to join in with. The normal joyous triumph of Easter will be somewhat muted. Even if singing was possible, many would feel no triumph: we are still bound by necessary…Continue reading Easter Reflection

Some collects

Jesus our brother, we have heard the song of your love and seen you here in bread and wine: Grant us humility and strength to echo your life in our own, and to discern your presence wherever we travel.     Risen One you have startled us with life, born from a love stronger than…Continue reading Some collects

Passion Sunday Intercessions

As we approach the time of Jesus’ suffering and death we hold in our hearts and bring to God’s heart all who suffer in body, mind or spirit.   We pray for all who suffer today: for victims of torture: for those denied the basics  of human dignity: for those who are forsaken. for those…Continue reading Passion Sunday Intercessions

Sermon – Passion Sunday

Today is Passion Sunday – the beginning of the two most holy weeks of the Christian calendar. It is, under normal circumstances, our habit at St Oswald’s to read the Passion Gospel on this Sunday rather than on Palm Sunday. Doing so is always a powerfully moving experience – Jesus moving inevitably towards crucifixion and…Continue reading Sermon – Passion Sunday

Sermon – Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday, the day of thanksgiving for our mother, the Church, as well as our earthly mothers, is a good time to reflect on the idea of ‘God our Mother’. Thirty years ago this image of God was shocking to many people – these days I think we mostly take it in our stride. But…Continue reading Sermon – Mothering Sunday

Intercessions Lent 1

God of hope, We give thanks      for the signs of hope around us: For rainbows in windows: For the signs of spring,     bringing this long winter to an end: For vaccinations: For longer days. Bring us through this time of trouble to a place of peace and renewal of life.   Wounded God, we bring…Continue reading Intercessions Lent 1

Sermon Lent 1

We’ve had a rash of rainbows over the past few months – everywhere you go they’re there. They have stood for hope, even when there was very little of it about. Perhaps there is hope on the horizon now: hope for NHS and other front line staff, for elderly people, especially those in care homes,…Continue reading Sermon Lent 1