Intercessions: Baptism of Christ 2021

God of love,

today we celebrate your delight and love for Jesus, your Son.

We pray that your church will show your love in all the world:

help us not to drive away, but to welcome

not to not condemn but to celebrate, 

not to fall into smallness of heart, 

but to speak of the height, depth and width

of your love for all your children.


God who speaks love,

we pray for all whose voices we hear –

politicians, rulers, leaders, family, friends, ourselves; 

that the words spoken may be spoken in love,

and for the sake of love,

even when the message is hard to bear.


God whose Son, Jesus,

lived with us, full of love and compassion,

we pray for all who are sick,

those afflicted by corona-virus,

those suffering mental illness,

and those with no sense of being loved.

In places of need,

we ask that you will speak again those words;

‘you are my beloved: I delight in you.’


We pray for those who have died,

those who will die today,

and for families and friends 

struggling with grief in difficult circumstances.

As you welcome your children home,

draw them into your great love

and  give us to know that this love,

will be our own journey’s end.

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