Intercessions – Epiphany 2 Year B 2021

All seeing God who seeks us out,

we pray for your church

which still denigrates and dismisses 

both individuals and whole groups of people.

Forgive our closed minds

our failure to see others as your beloved children. 

Help us learn to see with eyes of love.


We pray for your world, 

torn in so many places by prejudice and hatred.

We pray that nations will see the humanity of their enemies,

that we may learn to seek peace over war

and that we may, together, wonder at your creation –

your generous gift

and not to close our eyes to its destruction at our hands.


We pray for our local community

For those who are isolated and unnoticed.

We pray for the staff at Blackburn Infirmary

whose work has become so hard in this pandemic. 

We pray for the Chaplains, seeking to bring support and comfort – 

work which brings comfort and love when people are most in need.


We pray for all who are sick and those who are dying

whether from Covid or other illness.

May each one know your love.

You are acquainted with sorrow and pain: 

bring healing and peace we pray.


And for ourselves,

that we will look with eyes of compassion and love

wherever we go,

that we will know ourselves to be loved

and that we may marvel in the glory around us

even in these darkest of days. 


1 thought on “Intercessions – Epiphany 2 Year B 2021

  1. I came across your prayers for Epiphany 1 and liked the way you had included a prayer for people of other faiths, and I liked the way in this set of prayers you have asked that we should not belittle and dismiss other people who do not agree with us, even if we don’t agree with what they stand for. I do wish that some of our politicians could take this on board considering how they have been behaving recently.

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