Intecessions – Sunday Next Before Lent Year B 2021

O God, whose glory is beyond our seeing and knowing,

we pray for your church,

that it may it be a place 

where your glory is glimpsed,

your beauty reflected in worship

and in the lives of your people: 

and a place where many will hear

whispers of your love

for all your children.


God of glory

we thank you for the beauty  of your creation,

and for those whose art and poetry 

enables our seeing.

By your Spirit  reveal your glory to us

wherever we walk,

and give us hearts brimming with praise.


Mysterious God,

often your glory is veiled

and we see only darkness and shadows.

Help us to keep faith;

to find the light which shines,

however faltering and dim;

and when darkness falls,

to know you are no stranger there.


We pray for those who are sick,

for those close to death;

for those who serve and care, accompany and heal;

for those who are bereaved, exhausted, broken.

We long for times of companionship;

for the physical closeness of family and friends,

for gatherings, cups of tea at the back of church

for freedom and joy.

Turn your face to us, we pray;

forgive our destructiveness and sin

and  give us hope.


God of glory,

may we catch glimpses of you,

wherever we travel. 



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