Intercessions Easter Day Year B 2021

Risen Lord,

we give thanks that we can gather

to celebrate your risen life.

We’d prefer to sing,

to have wine as well as bread,

hot cross buns and tea after the service,

to hug friends,

shake hands

and not to wear masks.

but we’re here, gathered in your name,

and for that, we give thanks.


We pray for the world you made,

thanking you for signs of new life and hope:
for the possibility of meeting friends

and mingling with our families.

Amidst this tentative joy,

we remember those who still suffer,

and those who still grieve.


We give thanks for those still working hard 

to tend those who are ill: 

give them hope that soon there will be rest

           and time to mend.

We pray for those who will, today

           be with you in paradise

and for those who will miss them.


Risen Lord Jesus,

on this, your resurrection day,

our praise is muted,

and things are not as we expected.

May the wonder of your resurrection

dawn in in our hearts

and take root in our lives,

quietly, steadily, and with love.


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