Intercessions – Easter 3 Year B 2021

Heavenly Father,

we belong to an imperfect church:

locally we disagree and hold grudges:

nationally we condemn others

but forget our own sinfulness and woundedness:

globally we argue over small trifling things

while the people of the world go hungry and homeless.

Forgive us, we pray. 

Give us compassion and honesty. 


Creator God,

you gave us a beautiful world

which we recklessly damage and destroy:

you gave us enough for all,

but somehow, half of humanity is destitute.

Give us vision to do things differently:

show each of us how we must change:

Help us to build your Kingdom 

of peace and justice, 

hear and now .


Wounded God,

In silence we bring our wounds to you:

our own, and those of others…..

Bring healing:

help us to know your love despite our imperfections:

that our scars are precious to you:

give us empathy and love for those who suffer.


We pray for all who mourn…

for all exhausted by their care of others …

and for those whose work is unseen and unappreciated.


We give thanks for all your gifts to us:

for healers – doctors, nurses and counsellors:

for Spring days and signs of life:

for families and friends 

whom we can now begin to meet once more:

for the all good things you give

We give you thanks.



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