Intercessions – Ascension 2021

Risen, ascended Lord,

we pray for your church throughout the world,

that we may grasp the breadth and depth and height

of your Kingdom of love.

Our horizons and concerns can be narrow,

our vision limited;

open our eyes to the scope of your love,

and send us your Spirit so we may be strengthened 

To live your reign of love here on earth.


King of love,

we pray for the your world:

for peace between people, nations and faiths:

for respite from disease, 

and for the turning of the wills of wealthy nations

to meet with compassion the poverty and despair of so many.

We pray for peace with justice in Jerusalem and Gaza:

for the people of India:

and for new ways to thrive without environmental destruction.


Ascended Christ, you sit at God’s right hand

yet still carry the scars of crucifixion.

We pray for all who suffer:

for those we know who are ill:

for those who mourn and lament:

for those who have died,

those whom we miss,

and for those who will die today. 

Look with compassion on suffering humanity,

bring us healing and peace,

and give us eyes to see and hands to heal.


And we give you thanks

that you have prepared a way to heaven

for those who seek it. 

We thank you for the faith and hope you have given us,

the way of life you have shown us

for the home you have prepared for us,

and the Spirit you have promised us.


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