Intercessions – Proper Year B 2021

Jesus was labeled ‘mad’ and ‘evil’,

So we pray for all who are unfairly maligned.

Give us wisdom 

to discern truth for ourselves

and not simply to believe what we hear.


We pray for all who suffer from mental illness,

those who are isolated and alone,

those who have lost hope,

and for anxious families and friends.

For those who are victims of negative labeling,

and therefore scorned, invisible, abused

In the midst of cruelty and and hate

Lord Jesus, bring  hope and justice

In the midst of rejection and distress

Lord Jesus, bring love, friendship and healing.


We pray for all who hope for healing…

and for those who tend and care –

for nurses, doctors, carers,

and for all who work in the administration

that makes this healing work possible.

We pray for those whose lives are drawing to a close,

for those who will die today,

for our loved ones whom we miss,

and for those who’s passing no-one grieves.


For our world,

that the destruction and pollution will stop,

that governments and companies will change,

that you will show each of us how to make a difference,

however small.

And we give thanks for the beauty around us in springtime

for the cow parsley and hawthorn blossom,

filling the hedgerows

for birds busy feeding their young,

for sunshine, warmth, showers,

for the joy of longer days,

and for all your blessings on us,

your children, your family. Amen


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