Intercessions – Proper 10 Year B 2021

God of love,

we pray for your church

in all its traditions and variety,

that power will always be used for good,

never to exploit, shame or harm.

We pray for church leaders and safeguarding officers,

And we pray for those who are victims of

the misuse of power,

for their healing,

and for justice.


As we pray for God’s world,

we pray for all political, national and international leaders,

and for those in industry and commerce

who hold great power.

We pray that their actions will always be

for the common good,

Never for self aggrandisement and  personal gain.

We pray also for those who have very little power;

for greater equality and fairness in the world.

And for ourselves, that we will use power wisely and well.


We pray for all who feel powerless

In the face of illness, infirmity or pain;

That they will find peace

And the knowledge that you are close beside.

For those in abusive situations and relationships;

for listening ears and sensitive care will be found

to help and bring freedom and release.


We give thanks for those

who have gone before us

who have shown us how to use power wisely and well.

For those who rest in your great love

but whom we still miss.

For those who will die today,

Alone, or surrounded by family and friends.


And we give thanks

for the freedoms we have,

even in these days of restriction:

for bubbles of family and friendship,

for phone calls, texts and emails which keep us in touch.

And that as lockdown ends,

there will be care, mutual respect and responsibility

in our society – the use of personal power

for the good of all.



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