Intercessions for the Third Sunday before Advent.

God with us,

Your Son Jesus,

calls us to follow him.

Give us courage to leave behind the things that don’t really matter,

and to follow you in our lives,

in your special love for people with no power or influence,

In your struggle against the powers of evil and destruction.

Show us the way to travel, we pray,

and give us strength and courage.

We pray for the powerful of the world,

for heads of state and for leaders of big business,

especially for those who have the means

to save our fragile world from environmental disaster

Deliver them from the lure of power for its own sake

and the love of wealth above all else.

Give them compassion

for those who have very little power or wealth.

As members of the human race,

teach us to serve the common good,

and to cherish those who own the least.

Jesus, our friend, You healed the sick 

and brought God’s love to ordinary people.

We pray those all those we know who are sick

especially …..

asking that they will know your presence,

encompassing them in love on every side

bringing healing and peace.

We pray for those who have died,

that they will rest in your eternal love and peace:

we remember especially…

We pray, too, for many who mourn;

for those who have lost family members in the pandemic,

and for all who are lost in sadness and grief.

Jesus we give thanks for your love without end,

for us, your children,

and for your call to follow you.

We give thanks for the purpose and direction that call brings,

for faith which deepens and grows as we journey with you,

and for the hope you give us,

We give thanks for the voices in the news,

voices of faith speaking of your beautiful  creation,

and of your Kingdom of justice and peace.

Help us to treasure that which we have,

to cherish the world you made,

to rejoice in its beauty

to glimpse your reflection in the sky, the sea, the sun, moon and stars,

and in the faces of those we meet. Amen

2 thoughts on “Intercessions for the Third Sunday before Advent.

  1. Dear Rev. Dr. Anne Norris,
    Thank you very much for your sermon. I found it of great value in giving me ideas about my own as I am leading a service tomorrow.
    Richard Cox (lay leader of worship)

    1. Hi Richard, I’m glad you found it useful! It was a bit of a struggle – a passage that doesn’t make a lot of sense without looking at what happens before and after.

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