Interecessions for the Second Sunday of Advent

God of the wilderness,

we come to you bearing the our lives’ heavy loads;

we bring our sadness and grief, our loss, anxiety and pain.

Especially in these days before Christmas,

when many feel left out of the joy and cheer,

be with us on our wandering paths,

be our companion when we’re lost,

be the healer of our broken hearts.

In the desert you are our companion and our friend:

show us the road home, the road that leads to life and hope.

Lord Jesus,

Your reign was proclaimed in the desert,

and you made welcome those who lived on the edge;

we pray for those who still live of the edge of society today;

for homeless people and for refugees, 

and all who leave their homes fleeing violence, hunger, drought and poverty

for those who are poor or lonely,

for political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, 

especially for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, and for her family.

We pry that the day will come

when the earth will be governed with justice, integrity and kindness,

when resources will be shared fairly,

and we will live gently in the world you have given us. 

God of love,

you are with us in suffering,

even though you often feel far away.

We bring to you those who are ill

especially …

asking that they will know your presence and your love

We pray for those who have died,

their early journey over,

the road home to you made straight and level

by your labour of love on the cross:

We pray especially for ….,

for all those whose loss we feel,

and for all who grieve the loss of loved ones.

And we give thanks for the beauty of the world around

even in the wintertime:

for bright berries and for bare branches against the sky,

for the shining stars and the comfort of moonlight.

for our warm homes,

for light, available at the flick of a switch,

for the places we find love and comfort and hope,

For your presence, even in the hardest of times. 

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