Intercessions for The Second Sunday of Epiphany

Lord, you turned water into wine,

we pray for your church,

here, and wherever your people gather for worship;

that it might be a place of transformation, hope and joy.

Free us from self-righteousness and disapproval,

judgmentalism and false piety.

Enrich our lives, we pray:

turn our water into wine.

Teach your people to love life,

and to carry your joy wherever they travel.

We pray for your world;

for the coming months of hardship here;

that our politicians will find ways to help and support those

struggling to make ends meet.

We know now that the world’s resources are finite,

that we consume too much,

and that our behaviour is destroying your creation:

help us to learn to love life without being greedy,

to find joy without over consumption,

to learn that your presence transforms the mundane  things of our lives,

reflecting your glory.

We pray for all whose lives are touched

with illness, hardship or struggle:

We pray for …

Help us all to know your presence close beside,

to find healing in the midst of our suffering,

to know your love, even when life is hard. 

We pray for those who have died …

trusting that, as your transformed water into wine,

so you bring life out of death.

We pray for those who mourn,

that you will give peace and comfort.

And we give you thanks

for all the riches you give to us;

for our families and friends,

for good colleagues,

for the very first signs of Spring –

the first tiny buds, the first things showing through winter’s earth,

and for the extra minutes of daylight each week;

for our church – a place of both worship and friendship

for the things which bring us hope,

and for our faith which brings your transforming love

into our everyday lives.


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