Interecessions for Passion Sunday

As we approach the time of Jesus’ suffering and death

we hold in our hearts and bring to God’s heart

all who suffer in body, mind or spirit.

We pray for all who suffer today:

for victims of torture:

for those denied the basics of human dignity:

for those who are forsaken.

for those who are betrayed or abandoned:

for prisoners of conscience and for political prisoners.

We bring the suffering places of the world to you,

remembering especially Afghanistan, Ukraine and Palestine.

Suffering God, 

we pray that you will hold all this suffering in your heart

and that you will bring it to an end.

God who shares in human suffering,

we pray for the church,

so often implicated in acts of cruelty and abuse,

so often more concerned with itself than its victims.

And yet we give thanks for the healing work of the church,

remembering especially hospital and hospice chaplains,

all who care for suffering people in your name,

all who bring love and hope.

The Covid situation is not yet over,

and our Health Service is under tremendous strain:

so we pray for all NHS staff,

And all who are using NHS services.

We pray for those who are ill:

for those who have died,

for worried or bereaved families,

for exhausted healthcare workers,

for those suffering mental anguish.

As we go about our lives, keep us from selfishness

and from unthinking behaviour:

may we live with compassion, care and sensitivity.

Approaching our annual remembrance of your passion,

we give thanks that you share with us

all life’s joys and sorrows,

all human suffering

all letting go into God’s hands.

So let us see with your eyes

and love with your heart

wherever we travel

in the world you have made. 


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