Intercessions for Easter 4

Jesus, Good Shepherd of your sheep,

we pray for the church, your flock,

that we may hear your voice

calling us to love, compassion, forgiveness and service,

that we will follow you in the ways of simplicity, kindness and humility.

When we go astray,

lured by power, hatred or bitterness,

call us over the noises of the world,

so that we will hear your voice

and walk in your ways.

We pray for your world

beset by war and violence,

and so many world leaders corrupted by power

always wanting more:

may they hear your voice,

calling to peace and care for the vulnerable,

calling to love of neighbour.

We pray for all your children who live in fear,

for those on the road, fleeing violence,

for those who are trapped and unable to escape,

for those with nowhere to turn,

those with no hope.

Send your Spirit to bring comfort and hope:

be alongside in places of darkness –

the light than can never be extinguished.

We pray for all who are ill or in need:

for all those in hospitals, hospices and care homes: 

for all who feel that green pastures are far away:

for all whose lives are stormy, 

all who long for still waters,

and for those who care, heal and tend.

For those who, today, walk the valley of death’s shadow,

asking that they will sense your presence

walking beside, comforting within.

We pray for all those who are struggling to make ends meet;

for all who will turn to food banks,

for those with unmanageable debts.

And we give thanks

for your voice, calling us to follow,

for the richness our of life faith gives us,

for the greenness of spring,

for the unfurling of leave and showers of blossom

for lambs in fields,

for spring rains,

for the beauty of your world,

and for your presence with us,

always there, if we stop to listen. 

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