Risen, ascended Christ,

we give thanks that your work is done,

that you have shown us all we need to know about God,

That you have carried humanity to the heart of heaven,

into God’s presence.

We pray that your church will be a place of joy,

proclaiming with confidence

the love of God for humankind,

and our salvation, won for us on the cross.

Fill our hearts with hope and expectation,

as we await the coming of the Spirit.

We pray for your world,

especially, at this time, for those who wait:
waiting for treatment, waiting for news,

waiting for birth or for death.

We pray for those who feel bereft;

those who have lost homes and livelihoods

those who have fled, leaving everything behind,

for those on the road,

for those who have lost loved ones,

for those who have nowhere to turn.

Help us to be with them, in this season of waiting.

We pray for people who are ill,

at home, in hospitals and hospices,

for people who are frail,

especially those in care homes

and people who are isolated or lonely.

We pray for those who are coming to the end of their lives,

that you will meet them in love and joy.

Help us to be people of hope,

people who can talk of that great heavenly party

with confidence.

We thank you for the children of this church

who are sure there will be a bouncy castle!

And we give thanks;

for all you have shown us of God,

for taking us with you, back to heaven,

for the company of fellow Christsians

as we wait for the Spirit

who will be with us, always and everywhere.

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