Triniy Sunday Intercessions


O God, You who are All in All; 

to whom we bring our prayers, hear us! 

For the Church, 

Christ’s continuing body in this world 

that it might continue to proclaim Your truth 

whilst continuing to seek its unity in You. 

Forgive our divisions, heal our arrogance, 

Mend our failure to own our diversity ways that reflects your glory.

Make us good news!

For the world, created and grounded in You 

that we may seek to repair the damage we have caused; 

that all life may be valued; 

all resources shared sustainably. 

That the world you made and gave into our care,

will be governed with justice, integrity and mercy

and that those in power will take seriously the reality of climate change,

always seeking the common good,

not succumbing to the privilege of the few.

We pray for those who are lost, 

those who inhabit our streets,

for all who are struggling with difficult news,

for those with terminal illness,

for all who are frail,

for those living apart from loved ones in care homes and hospitals

that they may know that they are in Your heart,

that you hear their prayers.

For all who suffer in these hard financial circumstances

most especially those who are disabled 

and those who have fled their homes, seeking safety.

And we give you thanks,

for the community of this church,

for the love shared here,

for the wonderful human capacity to relate to others in love,

for our miraculous ability to mend and heal,

for all acts of service and kindness,

and for your love for each one of us,

taking our prayers to your heart 

and drawing us into your glory. Amen

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