Intercessions Trinity 1 (Pentecost 2) 2022

O God,

you who come to us in silence,

in the still, small voice,

we bring our prayers to you.

We pray for your church,

especially for The Vine Community being launched today.

We pray that your people,

individually and together

might be renewed in purpose and commitment.

Help us all, in our the busyness of our daily lives

to make space for you.

Like Jesus, help us to seek you in quietness,

in spaces set apart, in moments of focussed intent.

Help us to walk with you in our ordinary lives;

to be aware of your presence with us in life’s routines,

to remember your love for us in the morning and in the evening.

We pray for your world: 

Jesus treated the most marginal people, 

the least wanted, the most unclean

with deep love and compassion:

in this may we follow you.

We pray for our political leaders,

that they will see your love and care and emulate them,

in making difficult decisions to act with integrity and humility.

Show us how to be kind. Show us how to love.

We pray for all those who are sick…

for all who, like Elijah, flee violence,

those who feel their lives have lost meaning,

those who have lost hope.

We pray for the most marginal people,

like Legion who tended pigs,

and so was counted as unclean, beyond salvation;

Speak to all these with your still, small voice,

bring hope and the assurance of your love,

give courage and strength.

Be with us, God of love,

in all the ups and downs of life:

may we know your presence, close beside.

And we give you thanks

for those times when we hear your voice

and know your presence.

Give us faith to know that you are always there,

even when we feel forsaken and you seem far away.

Give us the will to seek your presence day by day,

And the faith to believe that we are held always in your generous heart. Amen

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