Intercessions Proper 20 Year A

God of generosity and grace,

we bring our prayers to you:

for your church,

that it might be a place of unreserved welcome,

that people we might consider unworthy,

may find a place at your table.

forgive our exclusivity, bitterness, jealousy and pride.

Bring in your Kingdom

where all your children find their home in you.

For your world,

where fewer and fewer people

own more and more wealth,

where multinational companies

have more wealth and power than whole countries,

where the poor are excluded and driven away,

where people rely on charity to meet their most basic needs,

where people die of hunger and thirst,

where malnutrition is rife,

where people live and die on the streets.

Help us to build a world 

where there everyone has enough

no-one has too much;

Where there is sufficient, 

where there is sharing, love and grace.

For the sick, that you will come to them offering hope:


For our NHS and social care systems

that inequalities of provision will be leveled,

that elderly people and people with mental illness

will be provided for as well as others,

that staff will be given hope for proper resources

and respite from jobs that cost them too much.

For those who have died,


that they will see your love and abundance 

and know they have come home.

And we give thanks

that you look on each one of us with love –

more love than we can imagine

that you give us so more –

more than we can take in,

for eternal life you promise us

more wonderful than we can imagine

For your creation

More beautiful than we can describe.

We stop, and give thanks.

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