After serving for 22 1/2 years at St Oswald’s Knuzden, I’m retiring on October 15th! There are many reasons for this, but disenchanment with the Church of England is unavoidably among them. I’m not yet sure what I will do with regard to my priestly ministry in retirement – I’m giving myself a year to…Continue reading Retirement

On Retreat

I’ve just had a week’s retreat in North Wales, painting an Icon of St Bruno for a friend. It was an excellent retreat: I met some wonderful people and produded an icon in 6 days. For me, persoanlly, this was a good way of coping with traumatic memories of a year ago when my husband…Continue reading On Retreat

A Visit to Bethlehem

I went to Bethlehem a few years ago and came away in tears. It’s desperate place. Unlike most pilgrims, who get there on a tour bus and are dropped off in Manger Square, we went on the bus used by the locals. As we approached Bethlehem we could see the Israeli settlements in the surrounding…Continue reading A Visit to Bethlehem

Sad News

Dear Friends, I have sad news: my husband of 40 years, David, was diagnosed with a tumour on his pancreas a week ago. This week, a scan has shown that there are tumours in many places. Please pray for him and for hishealing. He is a person of deep faith. Especially, could you pray that…Continue reading Sad News

Kyrie Confession for Easter 4

We have strayed from your ways, like lost sheep, following the desires of our own hearts: Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. We have closed our ears to the voice of the Good Shepherd, lured by other voices, other ways of life : Christ have mercy. Christ have mercy.  We have turned away from your…Continue reading Kyrie Confession for Easter 4