There is something about trees which grips my imagination – I hope you share my enthusiasm. I think it all began for me with a programme by David Bellamy when I was a teenager. It was all about what you might call the ‘engineering’ of trees – how much pressure it takes for water to…Continue reading

Intercessions for Easter 6

God of creation, we thank you for today’s beautiful images of the heavenly city. We pray that, in the world you have made, there will be, once again, streams and rivers as bright as crystal. We pray that our forests and jungles with thrive, that magnificent trees will be left to grow. We pray for…Continue reading Intercessions for Easter 6

Intercessions for Easter 4

Jesus, Good Shepherd of your sheep, we pray for the church, your flock, that we may hear your voice calling us to love, compassion, forgiveness and service, that we will follow you in the ways of simplicity, kindness and humility. When we go astray, lured by power, hatred or bitterness, call us over the noises…Continue reading Intercessions for Easter 4

Sermon for Easter 4

I’ve just been away on holiday. I suppose any holiday in the English Lake District will inevitably involve encounters with sheep. I saw plenty of the beautiful Herdwick sheep which are such a feature of the Lake District fells, and there were lots of lambs. One day I stopped at a smallholding where there were…Continue reading Sermon for Easter 4

Kyrie Confession for Easter 4

We have strayed from your ways, like lost sheep, following the desires of our own hearts: Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. We have closed our ears to the voice of the Good Shepherd, lured by other voices, other ways of life : Christ have mercy. Christ have mercy.  We have turned away from your…Continue reading Kyrie Confession for Easter 4

Intercessions for Easter 2

God of love, your Son, Jesus, still carries his scars even in his risen and glorified body. Give us the courage, with Thomas, to look on your scars, and on the scars of the world, not averting our eyes,  but ready to face suffering. Give us hope and faith that a better world can grow…Continue reading Intercessions for Easter 2

Sermon notes Easter 2

A few weeks ago, an image of The Sacred Heart of Jesus was left on the Vicarage steps, with no indication of who it was from or why they had left it there. My instinct was that this was something to which I had to give my attention, so I put it on my desk…Continue reading Sermon notes Easter 2

Easter Intercessions

Risen Lord, we give thanks that we can gather to celebrate your risen life. We give you thanks that this year we can sing,  have wine as well as bread, and have hot cross buns and tea and time with friends, after the service. We give you thanks  that we are safe in our homes,…Continue reading Easter Intercessions