Good Friday Intercessions

Gathered around the cross, remembering your suffering and death, your refusal to hate, we bring the suffering of the world here – we bring it here, to the foot of the cross; the place where the love of God meets the pain of the world. To all this suffering, to broken bodies, broken lives, to…Continue reading Good Friday Intercessions

Sermon for Maundy Thursday

Jesus’ last supper was a meal hovering on the threshold of things. We tend to think of it as settled, easy, and relaxed – a big Jewish meal with friends at the heart of the Passover celebrations in Jerusalem. Whether this was a Seder Celebration is now a matter of debate, but what we do…Continue reading Sermon for Maundy Thursday

Palm Sunday Intercessions

O Christ,  in whose face we see both the suffering of the world and the love of God, we bring to you the world’s pain, the anguish of your children in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, on the African continent. Help us to build a peaceful world, a world of love, compassion and respect, a world…Continue reading Palm Sunday Intercessions

Sermon for Palm Sunday

East West Street I have been re-reading East West Street by Philippe Sands: an account of the lives of two men who introduced the terms Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity into international law. Both men were Jewish, both lived in the Ukrainian town now known as Lviv in the first half of the C20th. Along…Continue reading Sermon for Palm Sunday