Sermon for Trinity Sunday

Who is to be trusted these days? There seems to be a lot of pretense and we end up feeling we’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes. Who will give us basic respect and dignity? Who will listen to us – really listen – without pretense, or the glazing over of the eyes? Who…Continue reading Sermon for Trinity Sunday

It’s five months since Christmas – where does the time go? Then, we celebrated the incarnation – God came to dwell with humanity – perhaps the most widely celebrated Chrsitian festival. If Christmas were to be a bookend, today, we put the second one in place at the other end of the row – the…Continue reading

There is something about trees which grips my imagination – I hope you share my enthusiasm. I think it all began for me with a programme by David Bellamy when I was a teenager. It was all about what you might call the ‘engineering’ of trees – how much pressure it takes for water to…Continue reading

Sermon for Easter 4

I’ve just been away on holiday. I suppose any holiday in the English Lake District will inevitably involve encounters with sheep. I saw plenty of the beautiful Herdwick sheep which are such a feature of the Lake District fells, and there were lots of lambs. One day I stopped at a smallholding where there were…Continue reading Sermon for Easter 4

Sermon notes Easter 2

A few weeks ago, an image of The Sacred Heart of Jesus was left on the Vicarage steps, with no indication of who it was from or why they had left it there. My instinct was that this was something to which I had to give my attention, so I put it on my desk…Continue reading Sermon notes Easter 2

Easter Service and Sermon

A number of issues had to be managed this year, in planning our Easter Eucharist: Left fragile after Covid, we currently have no early service so there is the question of how to manage the lighting of the Paschal Candle. Our children’s leader is away this Easter, so the children will be present throughout the…Continue reading Easter Service and Sermon

Good Friday Sermon

Images of suffering There have been countless images, in the last few weeks, of terrible suffering. Perhaps foremost amongst them in my mind was a picture of a Ukrainian mother, holding a photograph of her teenage son, who had been shot dead in front of her by Russian soldiers. She had to dig his grave…Continue reading Good Friday Sermon

Sermon for Maundy Thursday

Jesus’ last supper was a meal hovering on the threshold of things. We tend to think of it as settled, easy, and relaxed – a big Jewish meal with friends at the heart of the Passover celebrations in Jerusalem. Whether this was a Seder Celebration is now a matter of debate, but what we do…Continue reading Sermon for Maundy Thursday