Sermon, Proper 20 Year A

I seem to be starting all my sermons these days with the words ‘this Gospel passage is very difficult to understand’. Today’s gospel passage is definitely not easy – it’s hard to make sense of it. Our understanding of economic justice is that if you work longer hours you get more pay than others in…Continue reading Sermon, Proper 20 Year A

Sermon for Proper 19 Year A

I have a copy of  a most remarkable book called ‘If you sit very still’ It’s by a woman called Marian Partington who’s sister Lucy disappeared one night on her way home in December 1973. What had happened to Lucy remained a mystery for almost 20 years until her remains were found in the cellar…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 19 Year A

Sermon for Proper 18 Year A

Today we have the giving of instructions for the first Passover. It’s a familiar story, but a difficult one. The instructions for the killing of lambs, to be eaten and shared – there is care for households who don’t have a lamb or couldn’t eat a whole one – neighbours are to care for eachother.…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 18 Year A

Sermon for Proper 17, year A

I really love David Suchet as Hercule Poirot – Kenneth Brannagh doesn’t come anywhere near, in my humble opinion! I watched a programme David Suchet did once – it was called ‘In The Footsteps of St Peter’, in which he described getting the ‘walk’ of his characters right – once he’d mastered their walk he…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 17, year A

Sermon for Year A Proper 9

One of the delights of the last year for me has been watching my 2 year old grand-daughter develop and grow. She loves Duplo and spends hours engrossed in strange hybrid creations such as a bridge-house or an aeroplane-bathroom. Funnily enough, I remember her mum doing the same thing when she was that age, although…Continue reading Sermon for Year A Proper 9

Easter 3 Sermon

Easter 3. 2023 If you were taking part in a sort of ‘Desert Island Discs’, where, instead of choosing music, you were choosing bits of the bible, which bits would you choose? I suspect many might take Psalm 23, maybe the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke’s Gospel, and perhaps this passage – the Road…Continue reading Easter 3 Sermon

Sermon for Maundy Thursday

Jesus’ last supper was a meal hovering on the threshold of things. We tend to think of it as settled, easy, and relaxed – a big Jewish meal with friends at the heart of the Passover celebrations in Jerusalem. Whether this was a Seder Celebration is now a matter of debate, but what we do…Continue reading Sermon for Maundy Thursday