Intercessions Epiphany 3

God who calls us anew each day, we pray that, as a church,  you will  give us ears to hear and hearts to respond in love and trust. Give us grace to work together in response to your love. Forgive our divisions and help us to follow only you, our God and Saviour.   God…Continue reading Intercessions Epiphany 3

Sermon – Epiphany 3

At Christmas the fact of the Roman Occupation of Israel is high in our consciousness, especially in relation to the 3 Magi from the Easte who encounter Herrod before they find Jesus and who avoid him afterwards. The slaughter of the innocents was the result. We then tend to forget about Roman occupation until we…Continue reading Sermon – Epiphany 3

Sermon for Epiphany 2 year B

Today’s Gospel reading follows the Epiphany theme of ‘seeing’, ‘finding’ and ‘perceiving’. All these words can have quite mundane meanings: ‘I saw Fred on the bus today’: I found a pound coin on the pavement’: ‘I couldn’t quite perceive who it was because it was foggy.’ But all these words can have heightened meanings ‘Aha!…Continue reading Sermon for Epiphany 2 year B

Epiphany Sermon 2020

These past few days, all over the world, Christians will be celebrating the Feast of Epiphany and will hear this passage from Matthew’s Gospel–the story of wise men from the East travelling from far away to kneel before the Christ Child. In the Orthodox faith, this festival is of equal importance with Christmas and Easter…Continue reading Epiphany Sermon 2020

Epiphany Intercessions

With the Magi, we seek God’s glory; those moments when we are shown that God is here with us. God who made us all, each wonderfully different, we pray for followers of different faiths across the world Give us grace to learn from each other. Lead all who seek you in the ways of humility…Continue reading Epiphany Intercessions