Intercessions Proper 18 Year A

Heavenly Father,

as we have read the story of the preparations for the Exodus,

we bring to you the millions of humans

who live in terrible hardship,

who are subject to oppression and cruelty,

who live under cruel regimes:

all who await freedom and justice,

all who, like the people of Israel, seek better lives elsewhere.

Help us always to remember our shared humanity.

Give us faith that, one day

there will be a reckoning:

when it comes, may we be shown to have been on the right side.

We pray for your church,

that it may be a place of hope,

a place of welcome

a place of goodness and righteousness,

a place of healing and justice.

Forgive us when things go wrong.

Help us to follow  your leading

In seeing the humanity and god-givenness 

of our brothers and sisters

even when they seem different.

God of compassion,

We pray for those facing sickness

or other difficulties at this time:

we pray for lonely people who have no-one to talk to or to listen,

for all those dependent on foodbanks,

for those who fear the coming winter months and dread the fuel bills,

for those who are frail or sick,

at home or in hospital…

And for those who have died recently

or whose anniversaries are around this time….

Be merciful in your judgement, O Lord

and welcome us into your Kingdom.

And we give thanks:

for our freedom 

for the comfort and security we enjoy,

for our homes, our daily food,

taps which gives us fresh, clean water

for the friendships found at this church,

for the first turning of the leaves

as summer draws to a close.

For  your many blessings,

we give you thanks and praise.


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