Intercessions Proper 20 Year A

God of generosity and grace, we bring our prayers to you: for your church, that it might be a place of unreserved welcome, that people we might consider unworthy, may find a place at your table. forgive our exclusivity, bitterness, jealousy and pride. Bring in your Kingdom where all your children find their home in…Continue reading Intercessions Proper 20 Year A

Sermon, Proper 20 Year A

I seem to be starting all my sermons these days with the words ‘this Gospel passage is very difficult to understand’. Today’s gospel passage is definitely not easy – it’s hard to make sense of it. Our understanding of economic justice is that if you work longer hours you get more pay than others in…Continue reading Sermon, Proper 20 Year A

Sermon for Proper 19 Year A

I have a copy of  a most remarkable book called ‘If you sit very still’ It’s by a woman called Marian Partington who’s sister Lucy disappeared one night on her way home in December 1973. What had happened to Lucy remained a mystery for almost 20 years until her remains were found in the cellar…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 19 Year A

Intercessions Proper 18 Year A

Heavenly Father, as we have read the story of the preparations for the Exodus, we bring to you the millions of humans who live in terrible hardship, who are subject to oppression and cruelty, who live under cruel regimes: all who await freedom and justice, all who, like the people of Israel, seek better lives…Continue reading Intercessions Proper 18 Year A

Sermon for Proper 18 Year A

Today we have the giving of instructions for the first Passover. It’s a familiar story, but a difficult one. The instructions for the killing of lambs, to be eaten and shared – there is care for households who don’t have a lamb or couldn’t eat a whole one – neighbours are to care for eachother.…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 18 Year A

Sermon for Proper 17, year A

I really love David Suchet as Hercule Poirot – Kenneth Brannagh doesn’t come anywhere near, in my humble opinion! I watched a programme David Suchet did once – it was called ‘In The Footsteps of St Peter’, in which he described getting the ‘walk’ of his characters right – once he’d mastered their walk he…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 17, year A

Sermon for Year A Proper 9

One of the delights of the last year for me has been watching my 2 year old grand-daughter develop and grow. She loves Duplo and spends hours engrossed in strange hybrid creations such as a bridge-house or an aeroplane-bathroom. Funnily enough, I remember her mum doing the same thing when she was that age, although…Continue reading Sermon for Year A Proper 9

Intercessions for Proper 9

O God, you yoke us to yourself, sharing our burdens,  walking through life with us, shouldering, with us, all that we face – all our joys and sorrows,  all the mundane things and the things that challenge us. Help us to share with others as you share with us, especially where people are struggling with…Continue reading Intercessions for Proper 9