Intercessions for Ascension

Risen, ascended Lord, we pray for your church throughout the world, that we may grasp the breadth and depth and height of your Kingdom of love. Our horizons and concerns can be narrow, our vision limited; open our eyes to the scope of your love, and send us your Spirit so we may be strengthened …Continue reading Intercessions for Ascension

Ascension Sunday 2021

Ascension day is one of the great festivals of the Christian year, and yet it is relatively forgotten and neglected. I suspect that this is because the event, as pictured in art, is strange and not very believable. In order to understand Christ’s Ascension into heaven, it’s necessary to lay those images aside – in…Continue reading Ascension Sunday 2021

Intercessions – Easter 6

God of welcome and love, we pray that your church will reflect your love for all your children. Give us eyes of love that we may see people as you see them:  as your beloved children, coming home to you.   We pray for the nations of the world: that they too will be places…Continue reading Intercessions – Easter 6

Sermon – Easter 6

The past year has been one hand washing, mask wearing and of staying at home. The first two of these requirements have been a bit of a nuisance, but not too demanding. For many of us though, the third, ‘stay at home’, has been a real challenge. We have missed friends and family, and have…Continue reading Sermon – Easter 6

Sermon Easter 4

This Sunday after Easter has become known as Good Shepherd Sunday as the readings are always about shepherds and sheep. At Christmas, we often hear of the Shepherds as being rather smelly and uncouth: a contrast to the Magi who were wealthy, sophisticated and probably delicately perfumed – rosewater maybe. By this Good Shepherd Sunday…Continue reading Sermon Easter 4

Intercessions Easter 4

Christ our Good Shepherd, we pray for your flock,  your church throughout the world. Help us to follow your way of care, welcome, self sacrifice. May we create places of welcome, inclusion, and love. Forgive us when people are turned away, rejected  or put off by our coldness or judgement.  Help us to build a…Continue reading Intercessions Easter 4

Intercessions – Easter 3

Heavenly Father, we belong to an imperfect church: locally we disagree and hold grudges: nationally we condemn others but forget our own sinfulness and woundedness: globally we argue over small trifling things while the people of the world go hungry and homeless. Forgive us, we pray.  Give us compassion and honesty.    Creator God, you…Continue reading Intercessions – Easter 3

Sermon -Easter 3

Wounds are not mentioned in todays’ Gospel reading, but they are definitely implied – for what other reason would Jesus ask his disciples to look at his hands and feet – surely his face would be more easily recognised. But it was the wounds of crucifixion at which Jesus asked his disciples to look. By…Continue reading Sermon -Easter 3

Easter Intercessions 2021

Risen Lord, we give thanks that we can gather to celebrate your risen life. We’d prefer to sing, to have wine as well as bread, hot cross buns and tea after the service, to hug friends, shake hands and not to wear masks. but we’re here, gathered in your name, and for that, we give…Continue reading Easter Intercessions 2021

Easter Reflection

For many, smaller churches, there will be no music to speak of today – maybe a CD to listen to, but no rousing Easter hymns to join in with. The normal joyous triumph of Easter will be somewhat muted. Even if singing was possible, many would feel no triumph: we are still bound by necessary…Continue reading Easter Reflection