After serving for 22 1/2 years at St Oswald’s Knuzden, I’m retiring on October 15th! There are many reasons for this, but disenchanment with the Church of England is unavoidably among them.

I’m not yet sure what I will do with regard to my priestly ministry in retirement – I’m giving myself a year to rest before making a decision. ‘Nothing’ is a possibility – but let’s see how things are in year.

I may use this web site to reflect on my years of priestly ministry, and the current state of the Church of England – again, I’m not sure yet.

Please pray for the church I’m leaving, which is amongst the poorest in the Church of England. It is a lovely, inclusive and welcoming community, but small and vulnerable: St. Oswald’s, Knuzden, in the Diocese of Blackburn.

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