Intercessions – The Feast of St. Oswald 2021

Lord Jesus,

You came to us as One who serves.

We pray for the world you gave to us,

for political and national leaders;

that they will seek the good of all,

putting aside the temptation of personal gain

and resisting the lure of power for its own sake.

You taught us that those would be great 

must be the servants of all;

May your ways be known on earth.


Lord Jesus,

we pray for your church.

Today, on our Patronal Festival,

we pray for this church, and for all churches dedicated to St. Oswald;

show us the way ahead

lead us to green pastures,

show us how to use our gifts in your service

And we pray for church leaders,

that they will ot be afraid of being amongst the people 

and that they will serve rather than manage,

as is your calling to those who follow you.


We pray and give thanks for those 

who use their healing gifts to hep and serve others.

We give thanks for the NHS,

and pray for all its staff – those on the front line

and for those working behind the scenes.

We pray for those we know who are ill,

especially …

Bring you healing power to all in need;

healing of body, mind and spirit.


We pray for those whose earthly live is done,

for those who will die today,

for those whom we miss; those for whom our hearts ache:

take them in your generous arms, we pray,

where completion, wholeness and joy

are for eternity.


And we give thanks

for the gifts you bestow on us,

each of us differently gifted and skilled

and for opportunities to serve,

We rejoice that we can share tea and cake 

after the service once again;

for friendship, for conversation, for community,

and for the richness of live which you give

to all your children. 


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