Harvest Intercessions

God of the harvest,

at this time we usually come to celebrate earth’s plenty,

but this year we still find ourselves anxious and with faltering hope.

Things were so much better two years ago!

Restore our fortunes, O Lord,

like a river changing from trickle to flood.

After tears of sadness

we pray that you will bring us times of hope and joy.
Restore our fortunes and bless us, O Lord.

At this harvest time

we pray for people locally and globally

who are hungry, thirsty or destitute.

We pray especially for Palestinian farmers

whose olive groves are laid waste,

and for our local food bank:

that our harvest offerings

will bring both relief and hope.

God of Creation,

we pray for the world you have given us,

and bring to you in sorrow, 

the harm we have done,

and the harm we continue to do.

We thank you for the modern day prophets

who challenge us to change our ways.

We pray for our political leaders

coming to COP26,

that they will change the things that we cannot –

the structural changes needed for our survival.

Sometimes we feel helpless:

show us how we can make a difference too.

As we celebrate harvest

we give heart felt thanks for all that we have:

for our daily food, 

for clean water on tap,

for warm clothes,

for our homes,

our families and our friends.

Give us eyes to notice those who don’t have enough,

ears to hear the prophets of our times,

hands and feet to act

and hearts to be bearers of hope.


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