Intercessions – Proper 6 Year B 2021

We pray for the church throughout the world,

for Christians of all denominations,

that together Christians will live 

as citizens of God’s Kingdom on earth:

may there be generosity and welcome,

hope and love,

kindness, warmth and compassion.

We pray that our church will be like the tree

of which Jesus spoke;

a place of shelter and safety.


We pray for Gods’ world,

giving thanks for its abundance,

reflecting Gods’ generosity to his children.

We pray for the G7 summit,

for the leaders of the world’s wealthiest countries

meeting there this weekend;

for their discussions about climate change –

that progress will be made,

and for steps towards a fairer sharing 

of the resources you have given us.


We pray for those who are sick,

for those who live in poverty

for those who despair.

For healthcare workers around the world,

still tending those with Covid,

especially for those who are exhausted;

for those who will die this week

for lack of vaccines, oxygen. or proper health care


And for those whom we have loved,

who now rest with you;

May we treasure their memories

and give thanks for the seeds they planted in our lives

which now bear fruit.


We give thanks for the fruitfulness of the earth,

for the miracle of seeds, plants and trees,

for the hedgerows alive with blossom,

for the the birds busy feeding their young

and for the buzzing of bees.

For your generous blessings 

and your never ending love

we give you thanks,

O Lord of all creation. Amen


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