Intercessions – Proper 20 Year B 2021

Lord Jesus, 

you came as a child in dangerous times; 

you were fragile and vulnerable.

You became the crucified One, 

dying with criminals and outcasts

outside the walls of the city.

Give us eyes to see you

in people we easily overlook and ignore,

in those who grasp on life is fragile.

And having seen, help us to serve

in whatever ways we can.

So we pray for those who are sick or frail,

those in need of food, water, shelter,

those whose lives are drawing to a close,

those who live in fear,

those who are sad, depressed or traumatised.

These are your precious ones;

may they know your love.

So we pray for ….

for … who has died, and for his/her family.

God of creation,

we are beginning to see 

that the world you have given us is fragile too. 

Give us the will to change how we live,

to leave behind the idea that we can do whatever we want.

Help us to become servants of the world you have given us,

no longer ruthless owners.

In a world where so many are poor,

or fleeing from violence, 

we give you thanks for our security,

for the food on our tables,

for our homes and families,

for our church, where we can worship without fear,

for the fellowship we share,

and the faith you have given us – 

a faith that shapes our lives and gives us hope

and, ordinary folk though we are,

the knowledge that we are your beloved children.

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