Intercessions – Christ the King

Christ our true and humble King,

we pray for the kingdoms, republics and dictatorships of the world:

where there is violence, injustice, poverty and exclusion,

may your peaceable and just Kingdom come.

We pray for monarchs, politicians and heads of state,

that they will follow you in the ways of service and love.

We pray for political prisoners and prisoners of conscience,

like you, caught up in state violence,

that there will be compassion

and a recognition of each others’ humanity.

Christ our King,

we pray for your church,

that it will be a place of the kingdom,

marked by care, love and welcome for vulnerable people,

a place of welcome, inclusivity, joy and hope,

a place where people can grow in faith and in spirit.

We pray our Archdeacons,Bishops and Archbishops,

that their leadership will always carry the hallmarks of your own

in service, humility and care for the poorest and most vulnerable.

Christ our King

you knew weakness, pain and distress.

We pray for all who suffer today

in hospitals and hospices, imprisoned or at home:

in times of suffering, be our close companion,

heal our wounds and our sickness,

and give us comfort and strength.

We remember … who are ill

and …  who have died.

We pray for all who mourn,

all who tend and care 

and all who grieve.

Christ our King,

we thank you that you shared our humanity to the full,

plumbing the depths of our pain,

suffering the worst of our cruelty, 

knowing poverty,

fleeing to safety.

Give us eyes to see you in all those we meet,

and move our hearts to compassion

that your kingdom may come,

on earth as in heaven.


2 thoughts on “Intercessions – Christ the King

  1. I found this extremely helpful and thought provoking. I shall continue to read this site now that I have found it… much love and blessings from Janet a Methodist worship leader based in a small village C of E church in rural south Leicestershire .God Bless you and your work and Merry Christmas to you and those you love xx

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