Intercessions for Advent 2

God of love, to you humanity is not a game: the poorest and most vulnerable are closest to your heart and your love is beyond our understanding. Forgive us when we dehumanize others or when we treat people as if they were a game or a joke. Help us to see people as you see…Continue reading Intercessions for Advent 2

Intercessions Proper 24

Oh God,  with whom we struggle, because you are a mystery beyond our knowing, and because there are often unanswered questions, things we don’t understand, give us strength and determination, like Jacob, not to let go, but to hold on, until we know fully who You are. Give us vibrant and active faith. Help us…Continue reading Intercessions Proper 24

Sermon for Proper 13 2022

Today we’re considering the third element of The Vine Community which is an initiative of the Diocese of Blackburn. This is based on the question ‘How can I show the hope and joy of Jesus Christ in the world?’ Even if you’re not involved in The Vine Community, it’s a question everyone can reflect on…Continue reading Sermon for Proper 13 2022