Intercessions Proper 24

Oh God, 

with whom we struggle,

because you are a mystery beyond our knowing,

and because there are often unanswered questions,

things we don’t understand,

give us strength and determination,

like Jacob, not to let go,

but to hold on, until we know fully who You are.

Give us vibrant and active faith.

Help us to remember that you call us by name – we are yours.

We pray for your world,

especially for those who are victims of injustice,

those who have fallen victim to financial scams,

those who have no redress,

those imprisoned unfairly,

those who have no access to legal help,

for prisoners of conscience

and for political prisoners.

for ourselves, as, like the widow in today’s Gospel,

we feel powerless to change things

to save the world and give a future for our children and grandchildren.

We pray for all those who work in justice systems,

and in governments

that they will act with integrity and judge with fairness.

We pray for all those who are vulnerable

in a world where fairness and kindness

seem in short supply:

for people who are lonely, poor or ill

for victims of bullying and abuse,

for all who live in poverty,

those who are bereaved,

for all whose lives are marred by violence.

And we pray for people in positions of power,

that they will be shaped by the divine life we know in Jesus,

in acts of compassion, mercy, and kindness.

And we give thanks for all the gifts you give us;

for wounds and limitations which turn out to be blessings,

for our differences, the variety of humankind 

– an expression of your creativity.

We give thanks for the beauty of autumn –

bright berries and leaves,

shining in the low light of the sun,

for dew drops reflecting the light,

spectacular clouds

and for moonlight and starlight brightening the night. 

Give us eyes to see reflections of your glory in the beauty around us,

and fill our hearts with gladness. 

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