Palm Sunday Intercessions

O Christ, 

in whose face we see the suffering of the world

and the love of God,

we bring to you the world’s pain,

the anguish of your children

in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, on the African continent.

Help us to build a peaceful world,

a world of love, compassion and respect,

a world where your face will be seen,

respected and loved

in the faces of all your children.

We pray for your church,

that its voice will always be one of

peace,  justice and reconciliation.

Help us, as members of your body,

to seek your face in the crowd,

to hear your voice calling us always to love our neighbour,

to reach out and take the hand of our sisters and brothers in need. 

We pray for all who are ill

in hospitals and care homes,

those who are living with chronic illness,

those whose days and nights are full of pain.

O God, you know the depths of human suffering:

be with all who suffer,

and take the dying by the hand,

leading them gently to paradise.

In this coming Holy Week,

help us to be faithful,

to walk with you the way of sadness,

not averting our eyes from suffering,

finding your love, even for those who do their worst,

and knowing the salvation you bought for us

by your suffering love on the cross. Amen

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