Pentecost Intercessions

Spirit of God,

Spirit of transformation and courage,

we ask that your life and energy will fill our lives,

and the life of the church,

here and around the world. 

Give us your gifts,

and help us to journey with you, 

inwardly in our souls,

and outwardly in the world.

Make us bringers of hope and peace.

Spirit of God,

We live in a world divided by wealth and poverty,

by race and religion,

by conflict and  war.

Spirit of peace,

bring peace to the world,

beginning with quiet inner stillness and peace

in the hearts of those who follow you,

making us peacemakers in the world.

Spirit of healing,

we pray for all who suffer 

in body, mind or spirit;

bring comfort and hope

where there is anguish or despair.

We pray also for those who will die today,

that they will know that you accompany them

in their journey to their eternal home.

Spirit of joy and hope,

fill our lives with your exuberant presence.

In these hard times,

set our souls free, 

that your life will bubble over in ours,

and flow out into the world,

bringing your transforming love

to the lives of those we meet.

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