Intercessions for Candlemas 2023

God of love,

lover of humankind,

we pray for your church,

here locally, in the UK and across the world

that it will be a place of wholeness, breadth, inclusion and welcome,

a place which shows clearly your love for all your children.

In our lives, as ambassadors for you,

keep us from narrowness,

Help us not to be be judgemental

help us to be brave in our friendships with people different from ourselves.

God of love,

lover of humankind,

we pray for your world, 

driven apart and divided

because of race, religion, gender, creed and colour.

We pray for peace with justice,

remembering all the places in the world

where people are divided, 

where war blights ordinary lives,

where people live in fear.

God of love, help us to be at peace.

God of love,

lover of humankind,

we bring our loved ones to you.

We bring our families and friends

We bring our loved ones who are ill…

We bring our loved ones who have died…

We bring those we find difficult,

those who we are wary of because they’re different,

and those we find it hard to love…

Help us, like Simeon and Anna, to see your face wherever we go,

whomever we meet.

On this feast of Candlemas

we give thanks for the snowdrops and daffodils

poking their green shoots through the winter soil, 

reminding us that, with Mary and Eve,

we are on our journey back to paradise.

Make us hopeful people,

people of light in darkness,

people of warmth and welcome.


3 thoughts on “Intercessions for Candlemas 2023

  1. I have just started to be part of my churches Intercessions’. I have never done this before and felt a little out of my depth. However, just wanted to say to Rev Dr Anne, I am totally bewildered coming across your page, (yes he truly works in mysterious ways)! I hope you don’t mind? But I have taken your prayers to help me?
    I would also like to say that your voice is heard, the words you speak are spread among us all.
    May the blessing of God, lover of mankind be with you always!

  2. Just discovered your pages, have included your prayers in with the service I am taking for Candlemas, will credit you with them lol they are perfect for what I need. As a long standing lover of Blackpool I was delighted to see you are from the diocese of Blackburn . Gods love and blessings to you xx

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